Subtle Security for Your Leather Saddlebags

State-of-the-art security systems that you install with common tools for semi-rigid leather saddlebags.
These locking systems are easy, clean installations.
They provide 360° capture of the striking bar or bolt for the ultimate in security.

  • Road King Classic® saddlebags
  • Tour Pack
  • Heritage Softail®
  • Virtually any aftermarket saddlebag
  • Lock systems also act as helmet lock
  • Every locking system is for a pair of saddlebag locks (except the locking system for the Road King Classic Tour Packs)
Road King Classic Saddlebags
  • Retained stock look
  • Positive latch system
  • Re-keyable tubular lock
  • Quality components

Part# 26750  - Suggested List Price: $179.95

  • Ratcheting latch allows overstuffing the bag
  • Easy installation

Part # 26753  -  Suggested List Price: $59.95

  • Ratcheting latch allows overstuffing the bag
  • Hardens bag lid
  • Clean installation

Part # 26751  -  Suggested List Price: $131.95

  • Fits most bags with a top opening 7"W x 12"L minimum with a 6"minimum flap overlap


Part # 26752 - Suggested List Price: $124.95

  • Saddlebags with a top opening 7"W x 14"L minimum with a 6” minimum flap overlap


Part #26751 - Suggested List Price: $131.95

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