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Our exclusive product lines: HARDBODY®, V-FACTOR®, POWER HOUSE®, POWER HOUSE PLUS®, AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE HARDWARE® and RIDERWARE® are recognized worldwide for their top quality craftsmanship. Over the years, we have continually added new products to meet the comprehensive demands of the custom motorcycle enthusiast.


We are proud to include the following popular brand names in our 2024 EN-CYCLE-PEDIA: Accel, Andrews, Auto Meter, Avon Grips, Baker, BDL, Colony, Cometic Gaskets, Cycle Pro, Dakota Digital, Daytona Twin Tec, Diamond Chain, Dynatek, Dynojet, Gardner-Westcott, Goodridge, Hastings, Jim's Machining, KB Performance Pistons, Kibblewhite, Kraft Tech, LePera, Lucas Oil, Motion Pro, Mustang, Novistretch, Pingel, Progressive Suspension, Regina USA, Russell, S&S Cycle, Spyke, Standard Motor Products, Sumax, Timken, Vee Rubber, Wiseco Pistons, Yuasa, and many more.



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MID-USA has over 10,000 parts for American-made motorcycles
to help you create or customize your dream bike.








To provide the  best quality merchandise in the quickest and most accurate manner in the motorcycle industry




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